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All gone :( Keep in tune for updates, we will re-launch as a marketpalce to sell your own items soon!
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About Us
Ever think about what happens to an item of clothing when you donate it to charity? When items are not sold in their thrift store, the clothing is sent off to a landfill, packing our earth with trash.

Here at Thrift Threads, we are a 100% recycling company. We take the clothing that Thrift Stores and charities are not able to sell, viewing them one at a time and selecting the items that we think people just like you would like to buy. We take detailed photographs of each one, measure them, and make them available for sale. Items that we are not able to sell will never be sent to a landfill. Each item will be repurposed in one way or another. Some are shredded and reused in new jeans while others are sent around the world to be reused.

Thrift Threads started in December of 2012 with the mission to become the Internet's largest retailer of used clothing and accessories. Without your help we will never achieve this goal. Come often and check out our clothing; new items appear every day (and disappear quickly -- buy now!)

Be sure to tell your friends about the wonderful bargains that you found here, and how you are saving our planet -- one item of used clothing at a time!!

We are located near Seattle WA, our address is:
Thrift Threads, LLC
34110 9th Ave S STE B
Federal Way, WA 98004