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All gone :( Keep in tune for updates, we will re-launch as a marketpalce to sell your own items soon!
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  • How much do you charge for domestic (USA) shipping?
    • Free Shipping to all US Addresses! Plus, automatic discounts starting with orders over $15.

  • How much do you charge for International shipping?
    • Due to the high fees associated with shipping internationally we do charge a flat rate shipping charge for international orders. We charge $12.99 shipping for orders going to Canada and Mexico for the first item and $9.99 for each additional item and we charge $19.99 for any other international order for the first item and $14.99 for each additional item. We are always looking for cheaper ways to get things around the world, but this is the best we have done so far. Our automatic discounts DO APPLY to shipping charges.

  • How do you ship your orders?
    • We ship all our orders through the post office either Priority Mail or First Class; the post office offers quick shipping times, tracking availability and delivery confirmation. We select a 3 day or less method on all our orders.

  • What is your return policy?
    • We accept all returns for any reason within 30 days of your original purchase. You will be issued a full refund when we get the product back.

  • How do you get the measurements you list with each item?
    • Each and every item is individually measured and photographed by our skilled employees. We lay each item flat on a table and measure the item in half inches.

  • Do you wash the clothing before you sell it?
    • No, we choose to not to wash the clothing. Most of our customers prefer to wash it themselves once they receive it. Did you know every load of laundry creates 2.4 kg of CO2? By selling the item as is, we help the planet, and it keeps our prices low for you!

  • Where do I send returns to?
    • Thrift Threads, LLC
      34110 9th Ave S STE B
      Federal Way, WA 98004

  • What is your email address?
  • Help my order is stuck!
    • Sometimes when you go to check out it our site will not send you to paypal, this is usually becuase your order was already created and it won't send you to paypal twice for the same order. To fix this go to your cart and select "Order History." Find your order and cancel it. This will place the items back in your cart, and you will be able to check out again.